Weekend of Fun!


Come and join us this weekend at the Working Women’s Survival Show. It will be taking place this weekend, Feb. 21st- Feb. 23rd. The hours we will be conducting: Friday Feb. 21st:11a-8p; Saturday Feb 22nd: 10a-8p; Sunday Feb 23rd 11a-5p.

There is food, clothes, accessories, information, services, sales and most importantly, THE WINE GARDEN!! This is a great event to come and kick back and relax with lots of working women just like us!

Tax Season

As we all know, tax season is here!! With all the craziness going on, just finishing up holidays, recovering from the expenses, life getting back to normal, we can forget the important things! Filing taxes is a given; but what to do with that money you get back that was very much earned??? Well that is an easy one. Spend it on cars, clothes, house renovations, ladies, let me hear it–SHOES!! As nice as this would be, there are much smarter ways we can spend this money. How about this, FIX YOUR CREDIT! Although all those other things seem much more fun and flashy, having great credit is becoming the latest trend. It is very important and can make future purchases of things such as cars, houses, renovations, etc much more reasonable. Come to see us at UCS Industries. We have just the right team to help you on your new found path to credit recovery.


Financial Health


Contact UCS today and claim back your life.
End your financial stress!
YOU can be debt free!

The Holidays are coming up and financial strain has always ranked highest over family, gifting, and work stress over the years. There is a reason for this. We are consumers and therefore, are always attempting to keep up with the “Jones'”.

This is where debt rears its ugly head but, it does not have to happen to you.

Learning healthy financial tips can be your saving grace and we can help.

Contact us today.


Your legacy DOES NOT have to include financial despair.

“When I was your age, we had no money so we had to stitch up the holes in our shoes and glue the soles back together and wear them until we only had the shoe strings left to show,” said your aunt/uncle/grandmother/grandfather/whomever.

We all love our elders, but who really desires following them in their financial woes that they once, and may still be, partaking in?

Who says that just because your entire family was in debt and teetering on financial ruin, that you then have to as well?

I’ll tell you who. NO ONE.

YOU create your OWN story. We all have slip ups but just because you do slip on debt from time to time does NOT mean you have to immerse yourself in it.

UCS Industries does not believe in our customers having to live a life of debt, and nor do we believe that you have to GO into debt to pay to get yourself out of it!

We make it easy for our customers to pick and choose programs that are right for their budget, and we work as hard for you as we would for ourselves.

Call us today and make the right choice.

You can follow your elders footsteps as far as loving, caring, and cooking great meals. YOU DO NOT have to follow there footsteps into debt.



What is stopping you?

Financial freedom is at your fingertips with UCS Industries. We fight for our clients as though our own credit and reputation are on the line.

You are deserving of another chance at financial freedom. You have the chance to wipe the slate clean. Get rid of those mistakes that were made when you were a teenager and had no idea about how your credit history could have such an impact on your life.

We are also speaking to those who continued to make financial slip ups later in life. Yes. YOU too deserve financial health. Call us today so we can pick out the program that best suits you and your situation.

We understand. We have ALL been there and know how to fight the system. Let us help you. You deserve to be happy and secure just as much as anyone else.Pen

The madness stops here! Call us today.

DO NOT wait til tax time!



NOW is the time to fix your credit. It cannot be said enough. Why wait till your income tax funds are TAKEN from you? Especially if it is an incorrect bill in the first place?

It is time to take action and stop laying down and taking it because you do NOT have to.

UCS Industries has astronomical results. Many of our clients have detrimental items on their credit report that in reality, are inaccurate. We can help you stop these companies from taking advantage of you and sending in false results, and thus, causing you to have to forgo a year’s worth of income tax refunds.

Stop the blatant thievery and contact us today. You don’t deserve it. We can help.




Change you life TODAY

“Debt is the worst poverty.”
-Thomas Fuller

Aren’t you tired of bill collectors calling you non-stop and threatening your livelihood? Aren’t you tired of feeling like you will never crawl out of your seemingly destitute financial hole? Aren’t you tired of knowing that while you do have the intentions and means of paying back a desired loan you are not even giving a chance due to your credit rating?

We’re here to tell you that you can change your financial situation if it is truly your desire.  Those negative items can be ERASED, completely disposed of at your will.  The road to financial freedom is within in your grasp and Ultimate Credit Smart will lead the way!

With UCS Industries, your financial stability is our main focus.  We will work non-stop to help you re-work your past, present and future economic outcome as if it’s our OWN credit on the line because we know that spectacular credit can be acquired by ANYONE.  No matter what their current financial situation is or who they are.

We make it our business to provide you with the utmost quality of service that we can provide.

UCS Industries provides you with an ultimate package that includes credit repair, debt settlements, loan modification, 24/7 online access, removing inaccurate negative items, lates, judgments, liens, collections, bankruptcies, charge offs, and for our corporation customers, outsourcing.

Don’t Wait. Contact Us TODAY.