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“Debt is the worst poverty.”
-Thomas Fuller

Aren’t you tired of bill collectors calling you non-stop and threatening your livelihood? Aren’t you tired of feeling like you will never crawl out of your seemingly destitute financial hole? Aren’t you tired of knowing that while you do have the intentions and means of paying back a desired loan you are not even giving a chance due to your credit rating?

We’re here to tell you that you can change your financial situation if it is truly your desire.  Those negative items can be ERASED, completely disposed of at your will.  The road to financial freedom is within in your grasp and Ultimate Credit Smart will lead the way!

With UCS Industries, your financial stability is our main focus.  We will work non-stop to help you re-work your past, present and future economic outcome as if it’s our OWN credit on the line because we know that spectacular credit can be acquired by ANYONE.  No matter what their current financial situation is or who they are.

We make it our business to provide you with the utmost quality of service that we can provide.

UCS Industries provides you with an ultimate package that includes credit repair, debt settlements, loan modification, 24/7 online access, removing inaccurate negative items, lates, judgments, liens, collections, bankruptcies, charge offs, and for our corporation customers, outsourcing.

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Why Is Credit Repair So Important In Today’s Society?


In the economical climate of today, lending companies are getting less and less likely to lend money to those who, sadly, actually do have the desire and means to pay the loan back. Various companies are taking the stance that they cannot afford to take chances on people who just don’t “fit the criteria” (i.e. you do not have a “clean report” with a 700 or higher credit score).


Now-a-days, you have to have more than just the desire and even means, to acquire a loan. You have to have the scores to back it up.


Credit plays such a huge part in today’s lending game and to be one of the players in said game, you have to have all your ducks in a row.


Ask yourself these questions; do you have any discrepancies on your credit report? Do you have any delinquent present or PAST credit obligations with others? Do you have any collection actions or judgments? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are out of luck.


Without a substantial credit score, many don’t stand a chance in this game. That’s where we come in.

Whether it’s that new car, new house, vacation, or new business loan you want to acquire, if you want it, with UCS Industries, it can be yours!


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